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Research and Collaboration:

The service center acts as an interface between the research topics of methodology and the application areas in the project. Through the overview of topics by the employees of the service center, relevant solutions and concepts from the research topics can be addressed and conveyed in research inquiries. At the same time, the research partners gain insights into new fields of application, for example from inquiries. This allows new research impulses to be passed on to the respective areas. New projects/collaborations benefit from existing expertise in the project and the ScaDS research program can be continuously expanded.


Consulting and Support:

The ScaDS service center offers comprehensive consulting and cooperation opportunities in the area of Big Data and High-Performance Computing (HPC). Interested partners from scientific institutions, as well as companies, are personally supported to find a custom-made solution for their questions. The first meeting with us can be arranged at any time via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our consulting services include:

  • Introduction to our Big Data and HPC services; Application for computing resources on a high-performance computer (free of charge for nonprofitable institutions.)
  • Analysis of your scientific questions as well as your application software with regard to optimal computational implementation on the high-performance computer; Development of strategies for dealing with large amounts of data as well as with compute-intensive challenges. We focus on the individual requirements of our partners.
  • Continuous support of our partners over a longer period; Support with technical questions.
  • Research collaborations on storage- and compute-intensive projects; Joint development of project ideas and project proposals (see research collaborations)
  • Supervision of diploma, master and bachelor theses (see Teaching)


Available Software Services:

You can use the software services listed here directly for your research. If you need assistance, we provide advice and technical support.

  • Web services developed in the ScaDS project
    • Image Segmentation: Segmentation service for separating objects and background in pictures
    • Time Series Analysis Service
    • Service for the projection of time series (ECAST service)
    • Canonical Text Service (CTS): Text Repository and Mining Service for Digital Humanities
    • Sierra Platinum: Peak Calling for DNA alignment
    • Imputation service
  • Software developed in the ScaDS project
    • Gradoop: a graph analysis framework
    • Omniopt: Hyper parameter optimization
    • Visualization for multiscale simulations of components
    • Anomaly detection in wind turbines
  • Access to resources


Teaching and Training:

The offer of the service center is aimed at scientists, students, and especially non-scientific users. Within teaching and training, both technical and methodological priorities are set. The technical focus includes tools for data analysis and machine learning (R, Python, Spark, Flink, Tensorflow, Keras ...). On the other hand, the use of tools with the help of containers and virtual machines plays a role. In addition, knowledge is imparted to use HPC resources in specific use cases. The methodological focus includes instruction in methods of data analysis, statistics and machine learning.

Scope/Type: All education offers can be individually designed. The presentation can be done in a variety of ways, e.g. in the form of lectures, workshops, hands-on sessions, etc. In addition, there is the possibility of technical support for hackathons in the form of hardware resources. The course offer includes lectures, seminars, and supervision of theses and is aimed at those interested in all subject areas. Just contact us and we find the right format for you.