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An integral part of the competence center is a service center to enable the partners to closely interconnect in an interdisciplinary manner and to support the cooperation of computer science and application research experts. This collaboration is supported by research to develop solutions for various scientific and business applications from the partners. The collaborative approach aims to generalize developed methods for future applications, to transfer solutions into new application areas, and to transform proto- typic developments towards service operation. The following services have been already developed:

Furthermore, demonstrators are currently extended become new services

The service center of the ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig competence center acts as single point of contact for a broad range of activities and projects. Together with many associated partners from academia and industry an institutionalized network structure stimulates not only the knowledge and service transfer across different domains, but also functions as focal point for new applications. 

Below we list all services that are currently part of the ScaDS service portfolio. Each service contains general information, contact information and a rough process of how it can be consumed. We currently offer Technical Services (TSO), Technical Support (TEC), Technical Consulting (TCON) and Trainings (TRA). The current list of offerings is in its initial state. It will be extended by additional services and service descriptions.