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The efficient and intelligent handling of large, often distributed and heterogeneous data sets increasingly determines the scientific and economic competitiveness. Mobile applications, social networks, multimedia collections, sensor networks, data intense scientific experiments and complex simulation calculations create a flood of data. But the processing and analysis with innovative methods, open up various new options for its exploitation. The resulting resource requirements exceed the possibilities of currently used methods for the acquisition, integration, analysis and visualisation of data. A comprehensive further development is necessary to fully deal with, e.g. aspects of data volume, data variety, support of real-time evaluations on data streams (velocity) as well as the quality and reliability of the data.

The Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions Dresden/Leipzig will address this scope of tasks holistically and application oriented. It combines the methodical expertise of the universities in Dresden and Leipzig to a virtual organisation and brings together leading experts of the environment of Big Data. The initial research activities include “Efficient Big Data Architectures”, “Data Quality and Integration”, “Knowledge Extraction”, “Visual Analysis” as well as “Data Life Cycle Management and Workflows”. The project is focused on data integration, knowledge extraction and visual analysis.

The centre also integrates a broad range of applications of strategical important fields of the Life Sciences, Material Sciences, Environmental and Transport Sciences, Digital Humanities and Business Data. A service oriented and modular approach allows it to divide the applications by task classes in respect of their similarities and differences with a view to their processing characteristics and requirements. On this basis, the competence centre will develop a comprehensive concept for Big Data Services in an iterative process and will provide them as application-oriented and interdisciplinary solutions for different economic and scientific aspects. The competence centre will be established as service provider for science and business in the high-tech region Saxony and creates international recognition. Next to the methodical expertise of the universities of Dresden and Leipzig, other associated partners support the respective fields of applications. The direct cooperation with the universities allows it to create a lasting transfer of knowledge in education and teaching.