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Application Area: Life Sciences


Biomedical research is a very dynamically growing field of science, characterized by the massive use of new, highly data-intensive technologies. At the partner institutes of the planned centre of excellence, the two main focus areas are molecular analysis within the so-called omics technologies as well as image data-based processes. Users are faced with the challenge of ever-growing data volumes. The transmission of these data via the existing data networks is no longer possible in any case, so that it becomes necessary to organize decentral pre-processing of the data and to establish efficient methods for data reduction directly at the data sources. However, such a decentralisation makes an integrative analysis, which is indispensable for the extraction of knowledge.


Understanding biological systems as a whole

In this application, images of biological systems are evaluated and complex semantic information is extracted from these data. The image data are recorded with different, partly self-developed microscopes. The researchers believe that these microscopes and the resulting data have the potential to reveal more about the genome-encoded units than any alternative approach.

The vision is to open a window to cellular development processes. Each cell nucleus and / or cell in developing tissues and organisms should be individually monitored and, if desired, the quantity of labeled proteins can be quantified over time. A corresponding parallel processing and data storage is necessary only on the basis of the resulting data quantities.