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Fusion of HPC and Data Analytics (HPC-DA)

The ZIH expands its high-performance computer with system components for the analysis of complex large amounts of data. The extension offers researchers more than 2 petabytes of flash memory with a bandwidth of about 2 terabytes/s. The flash memory is flexibly configurable and can be used at all existing ZIH computing nodes. For large data volumes, an object memory of 10 petabytes is also provided. Both solutions are supplied by NEC. As an interface between HPC and Data Analytics, "HPC-DA" offers scalable virtual research environments tailored to user requirements. The computing capacity will be extended by 22 IBM Power-9 nodes, each with six Nvidia V100 GPUs, which will be connected to the storage systems mentioned and thus provide one of the currently most powerful machine learning infrastructures in Germany. All in all, the system offers the opportunity to flexibly combine different technologies to create efficient and customizable research infrastructures. The installation will be open to users from all over Germany whose HPC and Big Data application cases can benefit in a special way from HPC-DA.
Contact: Project proposals can be sent via the HPC gateway of the ZIH:  (Contact: Dr. Ulf Markwardt, Tel.: 0049-351-463-33640)