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Next week (Tuesday Jan. 15th, 15:30 ) we will have Dr. Martin Beck as a guest speaker in our ScaDS-Colloquium. You can find the Title/Abstract below.
You are invited to join the presentation
Time&Date: Tuesday Jan. 15th, 2019, 3:30 pm
Location: ScaDS Meetingroom, Ritterstrasse 9-13, 04109 Leipzig
Speaker: Dr. Martin Beck, TU Dresden
Title: PrivApprox: Privacy-Preserving Stream Analytics
How to preserve users’ privacy while supporting high-utility analytics for low-latency stream processing?
To answer this question: we describe the design, implementation and evaluation of PRIVAPPROX, a data analytics system for privacy-preserving stream processing. PRIVAPPROX provides three important properties: (i) Privacy: zero-knowledge privacy guarantee for users, a privacy bound tighter than the state-of-the-art differential privacy; (ii) Utility: an interface for data analysts to systematically explore the trade-offs between the output accuracy (with error estimation) and the query execution budget; (iii) Latency: near real-time stream processing based on a scalable “synchronization-free” distributed architecture.
The key idea behind our approach is to marry two techniques together, namely, sampling (used for approximate computation) and randomized response (used for privacy-preserving analytics). The resulting marriage is complementary—it achieves stronger privacy guarantees, and also improves the performance for stream analytics.

Wir suchen in Leipzig, baldmöglichst eine/n wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in zur Verstärkung unseres Teams zur Bearbeitung von Anwendungsentwicklungs- und Forschungsaufträgen wirtschaftlicher und wissenschaftlicher Partner des Big Data Kompetenzzentrums ScaDS. Im Kompetenzzentrum entwickeln Mitarbeiter aus verschiedenen Bereichen (Visualisierung, Technische Informatik, Bio-Informatik, Datenbanken, etc.) gemeinsam Big Data Methoden und geben Ihre Erfahrungen an Unternehmen und Wissenschaftler weiter. Zu den Aufgaben gehören:

Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedensten Anwendern (z.B: UFZ, SLUB, IÖR, und diversen Unternehmen); Erstellung von Forschungsanträgen mit Möglichkeit zur anschl. Projektleitung

Forschung und Entwicklung in verschiedenen Themenfeldern z.B. Datenintegration, -auswertung, Machine Learning, Graph-Analyse, Visualisierung etc.

Entwicklung von Big Data Diensten und Trainings für Anwender auf Basis von u.a. Spark, Flink, Tensorflow etc.


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The research paper Using Link Features for Entity Clustering in Knowledge Graphs has received the Best Research Paper Award of the 15th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) held in June 2018 in Heraklion, Greece. The paper describes the CLIP algorithm for entity clustering that substantially outperforms previous approaches and that can also be applied for repairing entity clusters. CLIP has been added to the FAMER tool, a system for parallel multi-source entity resolution based on Apache Flink. The awarded paper is authored by Alieh Saeedi, Eric Peukert and Erhard Rahm from the database group Leipzig and the Big Data Center ScaDS; Alieh presented the paper at the conference. The ESWC 2018 research track had 31 papers selected from 132 submissions so that the Best Research paper award represents a significant distinction.

4th International Summerschool for Big Data June 30th to July 6th 2018 in Leipzig

From June 30th to July 6th 2018 the two in Germany based Big Data Competence Centers ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig and BBDC are organizing the fourth international summer school on Big Data and Machine learnuing in its series of summer schools (20162017). The event aims at graduate students, Ph.D. students, researchers and practitioners  starting or being active in the fields of Big Data and machine Learning. Within the program, we offer inspiring insights into the area by selected keynotes from international experts combined with industrial talks.  Prior to the summer school, there will be a "streamline" hackathon for hands-on development of an application for real-time analytics of streaming data.  Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and to discuss the topics with other participants and speakers. The summer school also hosts several social activities such as a city walk and a dinner in a traditional restaurant.

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ScaDS & BIGGR @ BIG DATA AI-Summit 28. Feb. 2018

Gemeinsam mit Kollegen der Robert Bosch GmbH und der GmbH konnten erste erfolgreiche Projektergebnisse aus dem ScaDS-Projekt BIGGR einem breiterem Publikum präsentiert werden.

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