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Die Abteilung für Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit sucht zwei studentische oder wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte am Standort Leipzig. In folgenden Schwerpunkten liegen Ihre zukünftigen Tätigkeiten:

  • Gestaltung/Grafik/Webdesign/Video
  • Kommunikations- und Projektmanagement

Was Sie erwartet?

  • Eine dynamisches, weltoffenes Team an einem von sechs deutschen KI-Forschungszentren
  • Sammeln Sie Erfahrung als Wissenschaftskommunikator*in
  • Unterstützen Sie den Ausbau des ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig zu einem führenden deutschen Kompetenzzentrum für Big Data, Data Analytics und Künstliche Intelligenz

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Know-how und Ihre Bewerbung!

Wir sehen uns in Leipzig

Translation: Artificial Intelligence for Leipzig

At the University of Leipzig's Institute for Computer Science, there has long been a focus on Big Data. With funding approved at the beginning of November, a new focus is now to be added: Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the University of Leipzig, in cooperation with TU Dresden, ScaDS.AI, one of five selected AI competence centers in Germany, will receive long-term funding.

The subject of AI becomes part of university education

As part of the funding, not only will the AI Competence Center be developed, but the subject of AI will also be incorporated into university education, for which the federal government and the state of Saxony will provide between 7.5 and 12 million Euros a year. Therefore, four new professorships will be established at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Leipzig. Likewise, the new master's program "Data Science" was launched this year, in which students will learn how to process and analyze large datasets. Professor Erhard Rahm, co-director of the AI Center and head of the study program at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Leipzig, explains: "The new professorships are needed particularly for the master's program in Data Science, so that we can be put on a broad footing here and create more capacity for students.

Leipzig to become more attractive for AI research

With the focus of the competence center and the degree program on practical applications, cooperation on the one hand with other institutes of the university is conceivable in order to expand other degree programs with the subjects of Big Data and AI, but on the other hand, cooperation with companies from the region is also considered: "In this way, we can achieve that research results from our AI center are transferred to the companies and thus the companies are strengthened in competition - in other words, one establishes a high level of competitiveness with the latest methods," explains Rahm. To make Leipzig an even more attractive location for AI research, a new computing center is also planned to provide the necessary infrastructure for the computing-intensive research and development of AIs. The expenses for this project are to be covered by the Coal Region Structural Strengthening Act. Those involved in the project hope to be able to provide an infrastructure for many jobs in the future. Rahm is confident: "In the field of AI, we are about to take a leading edge with the nomination of the new professorships, and we have the opportunity to attract very promising new students here." 





We are moving our Leipzig office to a bright and spacious rental area at the Löhr’s Carree office building on the 17th of December. There ScaDS.AI will have enough space for our grown team of 66 people in 21 office rooms. The new office includes kitchens for the staff, rooms for a graduate school, teaching and meeting rooms, a large conference room, as well as space for our emerging AI and Big Data Living Lab.


Next April the ScaDS.AI office will further grow by a second floor and another 21 office rooms. This second floor will provide the space for the four scheduled new professorships, the planned Humboldt professorships and their associated workplaces. Last week the team started packing the boxes and got ready to move by carrying the beloved office plants to the new rooms.

👉 Stellenausschreibungen

Wir suchen neue wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/innen für den Ausbau des ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig zu einem führenden deutschen Kompetenzzentrum für Big Data, Data Analytics und Künstliche Intelligenz am Standort Dresden, in der Forschung und Entwicklung in verschiedenen Forschungsgebieten, wie

  • mathematische Optimierungsprobleme für das skalierbare Maschinelle Lernen, 
  • adaptive Dynamische Systeme,
  • wissensbasierte Systeme,
  • angewandte Ethik,
  • Unterstützung und Weiterentwicklung von Demonstratoren und prototypischen Entwicklungen zur Darstellung methodischer Lösungen,
  • Anwendung von Methoden zur Unterstützung datenintensiver wissenschaftlicher Workflows.

Was Sie an der TU Dresden erwartet?

Eine dynamische, weltoffene Universität mit 17 Fakultäten aus allen Wissenschaftsdisziplinen, eine der elf deutschen Exzellenz- universitäten, ein weitgefächertes Angebot aus 124 Studiengängen, ein lebendiger Campus, Sport, Kultur und eine äußerst attraktive, spannende Stadt.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Know-how und Ihre Bewerbung!

Wir sehen uns in Dresden!


👉 Job offers

We are looking for new scientific employees for the expansion of the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig into a leading German competence center for Big Data, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at the Dresden location, in research and development in various research areas, such as

  • mathematical optimization problems for scalable machine learning,
  • adaptive dynamic systems,
  • knowledge-based systems,
  • applied ethics,
  • support and further development of demonstrators and prototypical developments for the presentation of methodical solutions,
  • application of methods to support data intensive scientific workflows.

What can you expect at TU Dresden?

A dynamic, cosmopolitan university with 17 faculties from all scientific disciplines, one of the eleven German universities of excellence, a wide range of 124 degree programs, a lively campus, sports, culture and an extremely attractive, exciting city.

We look forward to your know-how and your application!