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Scalable AI


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  • Extension of existing HPC and storage infrastructure with modern hardware suited especially for data analytics and machine learning applications
  • Versatile and extendable software stack for analytics
  • Simplification of access to analysis backends with notebooks (e.g. Jupyter, RStudio, Apache Zeppelin)
  • Virtual research environments, Sandboxes Streaming applications on HPC



Performance and Scalability

  • Convergence of Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Scientific investigations of architectures for classical HPC applications as well as data intensive and iterative work loads
  • Performance measurements and optimization of applications and frameworks
  • Consideration of energy efficiency especially for machine learning/artificial intelligence applications

Available Frameworks and Services

offered by the ScaDS.AI Service Center

  • Provides modules on HPC system
  • Consults in selection of technology
  • Supports development of the solution
  • Develops solutions for simplification of often-used workflows and programs



Available hardware

  • High-Performance computer with Data Analytics island (HPC-DA)
  • Focus: fast I/O (high bandwidth, low latency)
  • HPC-DA extends previous installation by:
  • 32 Machine Learning nodes
    (each: 2 x Power9-CPUs + 6 x NVIDIA V100 with NVLink)
  • 2 PB Non-volatile Memory (NVMe), 10 PB Object Storage