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Practical Courses

We offer supervised hands-on sessions in three parallel tracks. Each track will cover the same basic big data concepts but with a different use case from a different domain:

Switching after starting with one track is not recommended.


Virtual Machine for the Practical Courses

For the practical courses we provide a virtual machine for Oracle Virtual Box with Ubuntu and the software needed. Please start the download and installation early to make good use of our limited WiFi bandwidth and support capacity.

Image Download:

Credentials for download and in virtual machine: see booklet or your emails


  • about 15GByte free hard disk space
  • about 4GByte RAM
  • Oracle VirtualBox with hardware virtualization

Steps for the import in Oracle Virtual Box:

  • open in Menu: “File” --> “Import Appliance”
  • In the form “Import Virtual Appliance”
    • on first page:
      • Select downloaded .ova file
      • click “next”
    • on second page:
      • If needed adjust the path for the “Virtual disk image” to something fast on your local hard disk
      • Click “Import”
  • Wait about 5-10 minutes, mainly for the extraction of the disk image

Once imported enable shared folder:
(not possible for running machine)

  • Open “Settings” for the imported Virtual machine
    (e.g. right click on the machine and select settings)
  • In “Settings”-->”Shared Folder” create a new one, select e.g. your Documents folder and check “Auto-mount”


Start machine:

Select machine (probably named “ScaDS-Summerschool-VM-2016”) and click on “start”


Possible Errors:


Details about the virtual machine:

  • virtual machine type: Oracle Virtual Box, 64 Bit
  • configured hardware: 1 cpu core, 2 GByte RAM, 14GByte hard drive (12 GByte ext4 + 2 GByte as swap)
    • More cpu cores and RAM can be easily configured if the host machine supports it.