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Ray Reiter Best Paper Award for Dr. habil. Ringo Baumann, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Brewka and Dr. Markus Ulbricht

The ScaDS.AI researchers Ringo Baumann, Gerhard Brewka and Markus Ulbricht recently won the Ray Reiter Best Paper Award at the 17th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.


Dr. Markus Ulbricht, Dr. Ringo habil. Baumann and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Brewka


The investigation of computational models of argumentation is a flourishing subarea of AI. Abstract argumentation frameworks (AFs) as introduced by Dung in 1995 are nowadays one of the most popular frameworks in this area. Given an AF, so-called semantics formalize which arguments an agent deems reasonable and which not. However, already Dung hinted at an issue with self-defeating arguments: While they are dummies themselves, they might block the acceptance status of other, more reasonable ones. The paper “Comparing Weak Admissibility Semantics to their Dung-style Counterparts – Reduct, Modularization, and Strong Equivalence in Abstract Argumentation” investigates recently introduced semantics based on so-called weak admissibility, which was introduced to overcome the aforementioned problem with self-defeating arguments. The paper of Baumann et al. investigates several formal properties of weak admissibility-based semantics, but also sheds a new light on classical approaches as introduced by Dung, revealing several interesting theoretical properties of his classical semantics. It can be accessed on researchgate.