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OSTMap - Open Source Tweet Map - The Results


The Results

The OSTMap website is divided into four parts.

The term search is shown in the following figure. It is capable of basic searches (exact and prefix match) regarding users, single terms and hashtags. It is the only part of OSTMap which currently grants access to tweets older than one day.

In the next two figures you can see the map search. It aggregates tweets for the chosen region and determines the top hashtags of the map view. By clicking on an aggregated bubble one is zooming in. At the level with the highest resolution one can click tweets represented by a red dot on the corresponding geo location. The tweet is visualized and several typical twitter interactions are possible.

The last two segments Analytics and Rankings are providing an aggreagted view on general information or interesting facts of the collected data. Like the number of tweets of the last hours grouped by the tweet language or the longest distance between two tweets of the same user and so on.

Before it becomes more technical take a look at our small demo: