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Connecting Digital Humanities with the CLARIN Infrastructure - Connecting the dots


Connecting the dots

All this connects to the BigData aspect of my work: By establishing CTS and incorporating it into existing infrastructures a fixed set of tools and workflows from Computer Scientists is combined with a text reference method that is used and useful in its own for Humanists. This way the heterogenity at the intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities is reduced - or to use the relevant technical terms - Variety in Digital Humanities is reduced.

And this is exactly what is happening at the moment. Before the end of this year, a joint effort of ScaDS and CLARIN Leipzig will result in a connection between CTS and CLARIN providing a fine-granular reference system for CLARIN and opening its infrastructure for many Digital Humanists across the world. From there on, any research project (in Digital Humanities) that includes creating a CTS data set can automatically be incorporated in CLARIN. The corresponding work is presented at the CLARIN Annual Conference in 2016 and described in the paper Jochen Tiepmar, Thomas Eckart, Dirk Goldhahn und Christoph Kuras: Canonical Text Services in CLARIN - Reaching out to the Digital Classics and beyond. In: CLARIN Annual Conference 2016, 2016 .