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ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig at Supercomputing 2017

This year International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (Supercomputing Conference, SC17) will take place from 12 to 17 November 2017 in Denver (Colorado, USA) and is the biggest and most important get-together in the area of High Performance Computing (HPC). The conference and convention gives an detailed overview about latest achievements in science and technology as well as informs about new trends and innovations. The ZIH as ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig partner will present at the conference in talks, tutorials and discussions its know how in HPC and data intensive computing (Big Data). Furthermore, ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig will present its research highlights at the ZIH conference booth (#1881) alongside other research activities on the fields of performance analysis, energy efficient computing and data analytics. Currently the ZIH plans to extend its existing HPC computing infrastructure and presents its infrastructure concepts (HPC-DA) to bring together concepts from HPC and data analytics. Further research highlights are  online performance analysis and analysis of applications' I/O behavior. At the ZIH booth, visitors can try out the interactive online analysis prototype Vampir Live and experience new I/O analysis capabilities of Vampir, which is a widely used performance investigation tool for parallel applications. In particular, the I/O behavior of applications is becoming a bottleneck on the way to exascale high-performance computers. Novel I/O systems based on non-volatile memory technologies address this bottleneck. Together with the EU Horizon2020 project NEXTGenIO (, the I/O analysis capabilities of the tools Score-P and Vampir have been significantly enhanced.

More general information can be found at the conference homepage: