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Dear Guest,

ScaDS.AI is pleased to invite you to our 6th international summer school which will take place as an online event this year. We would like to provide you with the following information:

Zoom Meeting and Login

The event will be hosted via the Zoom video conferencing system - two meetings will be created, one for July 7th, and one for July 8th. To participate, the installation of the Zoom Desktop Client is required. Instructions can be found in Zoom's Help Center.

After login with the access data provided in the invitation e-mail, all participants are initially muted and camera transmission is deactivated. For performance reasons, we kindly ask you to use your camera only if you have questions about the talk or if you are in the separated Zoom Breakout Rooms. We would like to ask you to log in with your real name.

Talks, Discussion & Questions

The talks are led by the speakers via screen sharing. Questions can already be registered during this time. Please use the Zoom "Raise Hands" function to do so. Instructions can be found here. We will then moderate the discussion after the talk. If there is not enough time, it is possible to continue the discussion with the speaker in separate Zoom Breakout Rooms.

Science Speed Dating

As you can see from the program, there will be a Science Speed Dating on Tuesday from about 17:00 to 19:00. This way, we would like to enable all interested parties to exchange ideas, experiences and contact information in smaller groups and therefore use Zoom Breakout Rooms. These rooms will be randomly occupied by a small number of participants and will be remixed after about 15 minutes.


Recordings of individual talks will only be made with the consent of the speaker and can be provided afterwards.


For the tutorial on scalable Deep Learning on July 7th, a GitHub repsitory is provided which you can find here: