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Successful ScaDS Big Data School in Leipzig - a Report - Friday



Finally, the last three speakers discussed different aspect under the topic “Big Data Integration”. Prof. Peter Christen of the Australian National University made the start with his talk “Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage (PPRL)”. By means of real-world scenarios he illustrated the significance of PPRL and showed how to applicate it on large databases in Big Data environments. In the talk “Blocking for Big Data Integration”, Prof. Themis Palpanas of the Paris Descartes University (France), focused on the blocking-based Entity Resolution and on blocking methods especially for Web Data collections, also giving a little outlook on the future applications. Dr. Maik Thiele, a postdoc researcher at the Database Systems Group in Dresden, finished the summer school with his talk “Building the Dresden Web Table Corpus and Beyond”. The presentation was focused on the relational web tables and how to classify them and identify different categories to provide a better usability. 

We would like to thank the speakers and guests for making this summer school a success. The evaluation of the feedbacks gave us a good impression of the general perception and provides a good basis on how we can improve the next time. We hope the guests had a pleasant stay in Leipzig and Leipzig University and maybe we’ll see you next year again.