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Successful ScaDS Big Data School in Leipzig - a Report - Tuesday



The second day started under the headline “Big Data Storage/NoSQL”. The introductory presentation “NoSQL: State of the Art & New Developments” of Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich (professor at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin) covered the different NoSQL applications in the DB landscape and how NoSQL will affect future approaches. Prof. Dr. Andreas Thor, from the Leipzig University of Telecommunications (HfTL), went on with his talk “NewSQL, SQL on Hadoop” and compared the query languages, explained how they can be applied to the Hadoop infrastructure and finally gave an overview of NewSQL systems (e.g. VoltDB, Google Spanner). Another local speaker, Anika Groß, a Postdoc at the Leipzig University, focused the talk “NoSQL – Datastores for Big Data” on the different data models and technical models for NoSQL datastores and used the systems Dynamo, an AP system and key-value store, as well as MongoDB, the CP system and document store. 


After the lunch the practical sessions started. In 3 different group the participants could either attend a course on Text Mining, Genome Alignment Processing or Logistics and got an introduction on the system MongoDB. 

At the end of the day we went with our guests to a boat/canoe tour and finished the trip with a barbecue.