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Successful ScaDS Big Data School in Leipzig - a Report


From 11th to 15th of July 2016 the Big Data Center of Excellence (ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig)  hosted its first summer school for Big Data in Leipzig. The program attracted many students and young graduates, as well as other academic and industrial practitioners and researchers that operate in the field of Big Data. We were overwhelmed with the number of registrations and the many speakers that were willing to support us in our summer school. While we initially planned with 50 attendees in total we finally counted 120 people on our summerschool including speakers and short-term attendees throughout the week. Surprisingly more than 50% of attendees were international coming from all continents. 

As we envisoned we had an inspiring mix of motivating keynotes, online trainings, classes and excursions. The summer school tought the basics of working with large and complex amounts of data and provided an overview of relevant approaches and solutions. In particular the practical sessions gave participants a fist glimpse into the basics of stroring, processing and analyzing big (graph) data.