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Frequently Asked Questions for the ScaDS Summer School 2016

public transportation:

  • Do I need a public transportation ticket for the week?
    • As the inner city of Leipzig is quite compact you can probably do without one and just walk during the week. When travelling with luggage on the day you arrive or leave you probably want to think about a ticket
  • Which ticket options are availabe for public transport
    • You can find some information on our directions page, or at the local transport company LVB (only available in German), or at the MDV (responsible for the whole area).

practical sessions:

  • Do I I need a laptop?
    • Please bring a laptop. We have some computers available in the pools but definitely not enough and not in every room.
  • Which software do I need?
    • We provide an virtual machine image based on Oracle Virtual Box with Ubuntu and the software needed installed. More information is available on the Practical Courses page.


  • Do I need formal clothing for the summer school dinner?
    • nothing special is needed there.
  • What do I need for the boat tour?
    • Something you can move easily with and where getting water on it is no big problem. Temperature can be anything between cold and humid 18°C and warm 28°C. Probably normal relaxed clothing and some rain jacket would be ok.